About the project

A house is constructing by builders but a home built by efforts and heart. At SPLS Grihawas, we go one step ahead and we construct homes by soul, hearts, and passion. We take less time to build your dream home. We are dedicated to designing better homes from aspirations to a new era of trust and belief in real estate industry. Building a strong foundation on the basis of three important elements, we work on a mission to set a new benchmark in real estate industry. These basics not only from our survival but also motivate us at every moment in the path of development. This is our everlasting journey towards excellence.




About Us

SDPL consortium comes as an inspirational change in the real estate industry of India. We construct with an undying trust. We construct homes that last and are a joy to live in. our houses symbolize the timeless theology of nature as the spirit of living spaces. SDPL has shaped a perfect reputation for flawless quality and top-notch services and strong homes where soul, space, and nature bring together effortlessly.

Founded by well-known persons in the real estate industry with more than 16 years of experience in Industry, SDPL Consortium is at the vanguard of real estate growth with an accent on both reasonable and super luxury, harmonized homes. We are driven by an excitement to excel in delivering quality in a reasonably priced housing so that it can become owners' pride and timeless luxury to the section can't compromise. We aspire to transform the landscape and offer the top class housing in practically all segments.

We are functioning under the Affordable Housing Scheme (SMAY) of the UP Government with the goal of constructing affordable housing for the masses under the price section in which will require but not measured by the developers previously. We believe in traditions and customs while implementing modern method and process in our projects. One custom that forms the pillar of our business beliefs is to prioritize benefit of our clientele. Another is to be translucent and open in our transactions.